Ariel Levine

Certified Car Nut

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Ariel Levine was born a certified car nut.  By age 6 he could name every make and model that drove by.  The irony of a petrolhead growing in New York City, where public transportation reigns supreme, is that Levine didn’t actually become a licensed driver until the ripe old age of 26.  But since that day, it’s been nothing but trouble.  After moving to San Diego in 2012, Levine quickly embedded himself into Southern California’s car culture lifestyle and was heavily involved with the vintage BMW communities.  All the while he was also busy making a name and career for himself as a musician about town.  But it was Levine’s love for cars that lead him to Auto City where he and Denis Gusakov teamed up to create the San Diego Car Guy.  When not drooling over cars, Levine is still an active musician, composer and producer, working on a variety of projects live and in the studio.  You can catch him playing around town with his band Ariel Levine & Mechanical Royalty and his debut album “Let The Machine Get It” is now available.