Electric Car Shootout: the Leaf, the Volt and the i3

The world is shifting, and with it, the automobile.  The era of the internal combustion engine is rapidly coming to a close.  In another generation or so, gas powered cars may be totally a thing of the past.  Electric cars are nothing new.  In fact, the world’s first practical electric vehicle dates back to 1835, predating Karl Benz’s patent on his motorized carriage by 50 years!  What is new in the world of electric cars is MAINSTREAM VARIETY.  EV’s are no longer an obscure novelty item, nor are they being stamped out by “Big Oil” like GM’s fabled EV-1 of the 90’s.  Nowadays nearly every car company offers some variant on an electric vehicle, hybrid or plug-in hybrid.  With more and more popping up every day, you now have your pick of the litter.  Offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, trim levels and price points, there’s an electric out there for everybody.   In this video I compare the practicality and driving dynamics of three of the best selling EV’s on the market. It’s the electric car shootout!

What are your thoughts?