Toyota’s FV2 Concept Pod is a Mood Ring on Wheels! – 2018 San Diego International Auto Show

Toyota has a longstanding history of presenting single person concept vehicles…or “pods” at these auto shows.  Their latest creation, the FV2 attempts to fully integrate itself with the human driver.  It is propelled steered by your body’s movement.  You tilt forward it goes forward, you lean to the right it steers to the right.  It can also detect your moods, which may alert other drivers if you’re sporting some major road rage!  Covered in an LED screed and chrome, this thing would fit right into your favorite sci-fi film.  No plans to release the FV-2 to mass market, but Toyota promises to have some variant of the single person pod come to mass market within the next few years.

Toyota Pods Main
Toyota i-Road Concept
Toyota FV2 Info
Toyota FV2 Concept
Toyota FV2 and i-Road Concepts
Toyota Pods Thumnail
Toyota i-Road Concept Badge

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