Title: The New Acura NSX Has Big Shoes To Fill! – (2018 San Diego International Auto Show)

The original NSX, which was built from 1990 through 2005 was known as the “usable supercar.” It was reliably built by Honda with simple engineering and a clean design, and came with enough creature comforts to drive daily.  Seeing the new NSX for the first time didn’t quite capture the boyhood wonder that the original gave me, but it was still a good looking car that fit in with the rest of the Acura family.  The first female designed supercar, Michelle Christensen did a nice job of mixing delicate feminine lines with a brute masculine stance.  Creature comforts about may very well make it a usable daily driver but the tech, variety of internal combustion and hybrid engines do make it’s drivetrain much more complex than the original.   Additionally, it was exciting to see Acura built a turnkey, track ready GT3 NSX.  Also their debut of the Daytona race car was on display.  The Daytona marks the Acura’s return to motorsport in nearly two decades.

2017 Acura NSX Rear
2017 Acura NSX Rear Quarter
2017 Acura NSX Engine Bay
2017 Acura NSX Driver Side
2017 Acura NSX and GT3
Acura NSX GT3
Acura Daytona Motorsport Racecar
2017 Acura NSX

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