Are You Tellin’ Me You Built a TIE Fighter… out of a Nissan?! – 2018 San Diego International Auto Show

Long: It seemed to fit right in at the San Diego Convention Center, home to the world famous Comic-Con International, but Nissan has done it again!  Following the success of last year’s tie in with Star Wars’ Rogue One… (Hey, we have car called the Rogue! Let’s team up!) Nissan set out to continue a tradition one year strong, by cross promoting their otherwise lackluster car company with the world’s greatest sci-fi franchise.  Nissan’s booth found no shortage of Star Wars paraphernalia, including my new buddy, Mr. Stormtrooper.  At the center of it all was this Altima.  What is normally a completely uninspired midsize family sedan, what makes the Camry look like a Bugatti, this Altima was built to represent the First Order’s space cruiser of choice, the TIE Fighter.  My review of the car matches that of the film.  Watch the video to find out!

Nissan Altima TIE Fighter Star Wars

What are your thoughts?