The Eco Center: The Central Hub For All Things Electric and Alternative – 2018 San Diego International Auto Show

The EV Market is an ever expanding universe.  Cars are now offered with a variety of fuel sources, and EV’s are now being built as everything from cheap econoboxes to hi class luxury cars.  Luckily, SDG&E’s Helen Gao was on the scene to tell me about all the easy ways San Diegans can educate themselves about all the wonderful things the world of the electric car has to offer.  From price guides, to rebate incentives and the best spots to charge your EV.  Download the app here to find out more.  Coolest thing to see at the Eco Center was this classic VW Bus converted into an EV, (purists beware!) This sweet baby features a zero-maintenance AC motor with instant torque with a range of up to 250 miles between charges.  It can probably go a hell of a lot faster than your stock bus!

Eco Center Main
Eco Center VW Bus Electric
VW Bus Classic Logo
VW Zelectric Buss

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