This BMW SpecE30 Art Car was Best In Show! – 2018 San Diego International Auto Show

BMW was nowhere to be found at the San Diego Auto Show.  No matter, this little guy reps the brand far better than any of its 2018 models ever could!  This racing Spec e30 was built out of a 2nd generation BMW 3-series by my good friends at Oceanside Motorsports in Oceanside, CA.  The e30 3 series is a popular choice for modding, tuning and racing because of its perfectly balanced, durable chassis.  It was also a lightweight car and extremely reliable and easy to work on, which is why it is sill so popular today, and why so many enthusiasts such as myself insist on keeping these babies out on the road.  This SpecE30, however is not street legal and only sees the track!  What a great car!

What are your thoughts?