It started with a craigslist ad…

Working as a full time musician means occasionally having to seek out supplemental income. Back in early 2017, I swallowed some pride, hopped onto Craigslist and began to sift through the want ads.  That’s when I discovered an ad for a job at a used car dealership in El Cajon, CA. “Ha!” I laughed as I pictured myself in a ridiculous plaid suit selling used Cadillacs to unsuspecting customers. Only the job in question wasn’t in sales, and turns out the dealership was pretty legit.  No triangle flags on a string, no waving inflatable dancing man, no sleazy out Kurt Russell.  Auto City was looking for a video guy. Someone to make quick “walkaround” demonstrations of their newly arrived cars. The ad asked to shoot a car video to apply so I made one. This is the video that got me the job:

Having some past experience as an on camera personality, a love for cars and way too many hours of Top Gear viewing under my belt, I took a shot and got the job.  But since I can’t just sit quiet and do my dang job, it quickly grew into something much bigger than that.  I began to turn these walkaround demos into more in-depth reviews, adding a little more personality as we went along. Here is one of the earliert videos I did for Auto City:

 Taking notice of this, Auto City’s general manager Denis Gusakov approached me to build something new.  Something that nobody else on the world wide web was doing.  A car site with personality and humor, but one that also covers the topics others fear to tread.  The SCCarGuy sets out to bring you important consumer report topics with a touch of class and levity.  As much love as we have for classics, rarities and oddities, we have just as much love for the Corolla.  Here at SDCarGuy, we want to cover it all.